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Discover how people are getting more of what they want!

What we focus on expands in our lives.
Getting more of the good stuff in life requires us to focus on the good that is in us and all around us.

Listen to experts discuss how to go from feeling defeated to being triumphant.

Hear heart-warming stories of kindness, forgiveness, love, laughter, and miracles.

Spread good vibez is a place of hope, inspiration, and motivation.
  • Gain practical tips: Discover steps that have the power to transform lives 
  • Receive Expert Insight: Hear personal and professional stories about how people went from struggling and feeling defeated to being triumphant
  • Feel Better: Focusing on the good helps us feel better
  • Get Ideas and Proven Strategies:  Discover how to get more of what you want

Discover the Secrets to Getting More of What You Want

Grow Personally, Professionally, Financially and Spiritually with Spread Good Vibez
Denise Garrett, M.S.W., Founder, CEO Spread Good Vibez
a division of Courageous Leadership Academy
Hosted by Denise Garrett, former firefighter, and personal development coach for over 20 years.  Denise and her Special Guests discuss strategies, techniques and tools that help listeners:
  • Gain expert insight & proven strategies for overcoming the challenges they face 
  • ​Discover what steps they can take to get more of what they want

Tune in to Discover the Ultimate Secrets to Having:

Prosperity of Time, Energy & Spirit!

We bring listeners proven practical, spiritual and psychological strategies and tools so our listeners:
Feel energized by and passionate about their lives because they have plenty of time to devote to their true priorities, and know they are making the best decisions possible for themselves and their loved ones.

Grow Richer & Happier In Each Area of Life:

Increase Your Relationship ROI
  • How to Resolve Upsets
  • Listening to Improve Intimacy
  • How to Set & Maintain Healthy Boundaries 
Unlock Your Creative Career Genius
  • Do What You Love, Love What You Do
  • Leadership & the Art of Listening
  • Spiritual Principles for Career Advancement
  • The Psychology of Living in Alignment with Your Purpose
Health & Fitness
Get Energized & Enjoy Your Body
  • Common Myths about Health & Fitness, and How to Overcome Them
  • Health & Fitness over 40, over 50 & beyond
  • Workout Tips Tailored to Your Interests
  • Nutrition Tips for Increasing Your Energy
Increase Your Financial Prosperity
  • How to Have More Money
  • Get Your Money to Work for You 
  • Setting SMART Financial Goals
Recreation | Hobbies | Fun
Maximize Your Zest for Life
  • How Rest & Relaxation Boost Productivity
  • Recharge Your Batteries by Having More Fun
  • Should You Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Maker? If so, how?
Spirituality, Miracles & More!
Grow Spiritually
  • Discover How to Tap Into Miracle Magic
  • Deepen Your Faith
  • Spiritual Principles to Resolve Almost Any Problem
Personal Development
Optimize Your Personal Potential
  • Get off the Hamster Wheel of Life and Start Living Your Life's Purpose
  • The Hidden Things Holding You Back That Everyone Sort of Knows, But No One Talks About
  • ​Optimizing Your Strengths
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